I haven’t got much to talk about this evening so here are the latest photos of the build project.

You can see the extent of the new kitchen and, beyond it, the patio. The corners have been built and the aperture for the bank of folding doors across the back is easily visible. I’m told that the blockwork for the new extension will be finished by the end of the week. We shall see.

It’s touching that Patrick, our builder, constructs a little plywood bridge every evening so that the dogs can cross to what’s left of the garden in comfort rather than having to jump. Of course, they promptly ignore the ply and jump anyway.


I take part in a pub quiz at The George every Tuesday evening. My longstanding team used to do consistently well until there were some ructions this time last year and we lost the tema member who knew most about films and boxing.. Nowadays we invariably fall down on rounds full of television, pop music and sport questions but we’re still normally one of the top three or four teams.

I’m frustrated at tonight’s result. We came second but I think we could have stood a better chance of winning if I hadn’t been overruled several times. One of the marathon rounds consisted of pictures of things and we had to guess how much they cost.

Obviously I got the £15 million pricetag of the Wittlesbach diamond correct – I’d have been cross if I hadn’t – but my guess of 68p for a tin of Heinz beans in Waitrose was far closer than the 25p estimated by my colleagues. And I was way nearer with the £85 million price of Gareth Bale.

I’m sorry to say that tonight’s quizmaster was obviously not quite as clever as he thought and made us quibble in a rather bad-tempered way in a question about which craft employed a hank. A hank is a skein of wool and I’ve seen the term used in both knitting and embroidery but he insisted on knitting only.

It was the belligerent attitude that annoyed me: he’d seen a specific answer and refused to accommodate any of us who actually know about hanks and skeins. It’s not so much that he was hank, but it was the refusal to accept that we might even have a valid point that got me.

Ah well.