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On airstrikes

Right. So Parliament has just voted to send airstrikes to bomb Syria in the hope of obliterating the disgusting totalitarian fascist monsters that are Daesh/Isis. I do hope their information is right and that we don’t live...

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Ce qu’ils attaquent ? la musique, le sport, les gens qui sortent un soir. Ils attaquent le bonheur. — legrugru (@legrugru) November 13, 2015 That’s what these people want: to take or disrupt the ordinary lives of...

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Best actor in a supporting role

Such a busy day again. So tonight I’m going to post a link to an article by Melinda Gates in today’s Financial Times, which pretty much sums up what I’ve thought for ages. http://on.ft.com/1L8HNnQ I’ve...

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Domestic Goddess politics

Much as I love my new slate kitchen floor, it took me well over an hour to vacuum and then steam mop it yesterday, and I had to admit that my new steam vacuum cleaner probably isn’t up to the task in its vastness. Best...

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Liberal confusion

It was an unpleasant surprise first thing this morning to open up Facebook and view a Britain First video posted by someone who was a close friend when we both lived in Paris. The video was of Muslims, including women clad in...

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On women-only carriages

This morning I woke to the news of Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that he consult women on the re-introduction of women-only carriages on trains. Before all you Corbynieri and you Non D’aCorbs polish up your muskets, as...

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Some loose ends

Hm. Well tonight I had been hoping to showcase shots of my newly installed kitchen appliances. Sadly, though the electrician DID spend four hours here this afternoon, the only thing he actually fitted was the coffee machine, and...

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Too much news has made me feel miserable today at the downright ugliness of some bits of human nature. Specifically, the horrible situation in Calais: people fleeing war and poverty and repression in their own countries risk so...

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Exercising democracy

I am annoyed and appalled at the new Government’s priority of changing the law on hunting. Some people say that the intention is merely to neaten up the law to bring English law into line with legislation in Scotland. I...

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    Rachel Dolezal, born white of white parents has spent years pretending to be black. This has caused controversy, spilling into Twitterstorm; learned articles by all sorts of people; a statement by Rachel herself. I...

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I Must Share This Bought This Sari For Princess

I must share this: Bought this sari for Princess MsDD for a high society occasion later in the year. We originally bought a gold blouse but Sister Suvarna and Smita, another one of the fabulous nurses, didn't think much of it. So last night Smita made this instead, taking the… [more]

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton.

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