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A tour of the Sula Winery

Nashik has become the home of Indian wine, and Sula is its most famous and high-end brand. It’s intrigued me since I first tasted a glass of unexpectedly bone dry Sula Sauvignon last year that it is produced so near to the...

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How to use up a surfeit of beetroot

I am very, very pleased to have reinstated my Abel & Cole organic boxes but one has to be organised and often I’m not. This often results in a surfeit of fruit or veg. This week I managed to cancel the fruit before the...

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Petts Wood view

Nope. No idea what to write about tonight. Full marks for honesty,  I’d say. Though, to be completely honest, there are a couple of things I’d like to write about but they can wait until tomorrow when I’m...

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An afternoon in the kitchen

It is my turn to provide refreshments for the Youth Band this Friday. I have a busy to-ing and fro-ing type week planned so I decided to start the mega-bake today. Out of its packing box, then, came my 16 year old Kitchenaid...

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Remover of Obstacles

It’s been quite a mixed day. I managed to take my mum and a carer out for a drive around the locality today. I don’t think that she gets out much, although I think sometimes her carers take her for a little walk. The...

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Neral flora and fauna

Written on Tuesday 15th September. Posted today: I saw my mum a few times today for half an hour or so each time, which as about as long as she can concentrate. It’s very apparent, though, that her powers of concentration fade...

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“Indian summer”

Oh dear. My sincere apologies for the tardiness of posting this. I did, in fact, write it yesterday but there appeared to be no internet connection last night, which was more than rather disappointing. Anyway better late than...

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Another D Day

Well today was supposed to be another of those days of our building project where everyone was supposed to come and fit everything and we’d be left with huge amounts of progress. Another one. I’ve lost count of how...

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A new chapter

  Me: “I don’t think you children have any idea how much we love you.” MsDD: “I don’t think we can possibly know that because we’re not...

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Nerja and Motril

Nerja, where we went today, isn’t really our cup of tea but it’s home to some fantastic cave scenery that is well worth a look: Yet more astounding vistas on what’s been a trip full of extraordinary sights....

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Cordoba confusion

Outside the mosque, people would perform their pre-prayer ablutions in this lime tree-filled courtyar Inside the mosque. Serenity and Romanesque arches Beautiful wooden ceiling Juxtaposition   We journeyed inland with the...

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I Must Share This Bought This Sari For Princess

I must share this: Bought this sari for Princess MsDD for a high society occasion later in the year. We originally bought a gold blouse but Sister Suvarna and Smita, another one of the fabulous nurses, didn't think much of it. So last night Smita made this instead, taking the… [more]

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton.

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