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A tale of two doggies

There are times, and this is one of them, when I do wonder what on earth I was thinking by bringing another dog into our home. Oscar was settling well into being our beloved family pet and recovering from the effects of whatever...

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Today has been suboptimal, even for a Monday. I don’t really subscribe to superstitious folklore about Monday as a day to be dreaded, not as a rule. I don’t really look forward to Mondays because they’re a fast...

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Dogs are not allowed upstairs

  Nor are they allowed to sneak next door and retrieve fallen pears from the neighbour’s tree and sneak back and eat them surreptitiously on the patio. Nor should they escape through an open side gate and run off down...

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What a tip

Unpacking and its first cousin Sorting-Out have never been fun types. If they were people, they’d be the dull sorts you bump into at a obligatory family gathering, with whom you’d make small talk whilst thinking how...

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Butter wouldn’t melt

  Ah yes. Have you ever made friends with someone just incidentally?  You might have got talking to them while marooned and nibbling ostentatiously at the baguette and cheese plate at a friend’s party or they might...

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Brrr and grrr

I am not writing much tonight. I am still thawing out after an afternoon and then an evening spent wrapped around the fingertips of my two respective dogs. The wind was, apparently, causing all the dogs to play silly knickers in...

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Raffles’s new place

  We never used to allow dogs on beds or even on sofas. This has changed since Raffles came to live with us. He seems to feel that the comfiest place in the room is his by right. The Boywonder has encouraged him to lie on...

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Paws for the weekend

The scurry is an enclosed run. Dogs have to jump the hay bales to retrieve the tennis ball. The scurry is designed for dogs smaller than Oscar but he’s game. And over he goes. Sadly, he failed to find the tennis ball,...

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A lasting impression

A building site will, at some point, present an expanse of cement or concrete, with a vast unexplored temptation factor: it’s like arriving on your first morning of an Easter skiing break at Obergurgl or, better, Hochgurgl...

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[sdropcap]O[/sdropcap]h dear. How true it is that the stories most interesting to the reader are those most excruciating to write. Oscar the dog is now nearly seven years old. I’ve assiduously trained him since he was a...

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Toad in the hole

I made this Toad in the Hole tonight at MsDD’s special request. I very rarely make it because it’s not the healthiest thing in the world but it makes a change now and then. I am fasting today so I wasn’t every going to have any...

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I Must Share This Bought This Sari For Princess

I must share this: Bought this sari for Princess MsDD for a high society occasion later in the year. We originally bought a gold blouse but Sister Suvarna and Smita, another one of the fabulous nurses, didn't think much of it. So last night Smita made this instead, taking the… [more]

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton.

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