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Is Raffles really a pusscat?

You must by now be familiar with the Cats vs Cucumbers and Scientists vs Cucumbers posts. And you must also know that we think our dear little Raffles is actually a pusscat in dog’s clothing. So the OH decided to test out...

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Domestic Goddess politics

Much as I love my new slate kitchen floor, it took me well over an hour to vacuum and then steam mop it yesterday, and I had to admit that my new steam vacuum cleaner probably isn’t up to the task in its vastness. Best...

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Remover of Obstacles

It’s been quite a mixed day. I managed to take my mum and a carer out for a drive around the locality today. I don’t think that she gets out much, although I think sometimes her carers take her for a little walk. The...

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Neral flora and fauna

Written on Tuesday 15th September. Posted today: I saw my mum a few times today for half an hour or so each time, which as about as long as she can concentrate. It’s very apparent, though, that her powers of concentration fade...

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Meet the latest addition to our family:       We’ll give her a week or so to find her feet, though I’m not sure she can under all those feathers, and then she can start work. But what is her job title?...

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Exercising democracy

I am annoyed and appalled at the new Government’s priority of changing the law on hunting. Some people say that the intention is merely to neaten up the law to bring English law into line with legislation in Scotland. I...

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Maharashtra in June

View across to the local ghat from the dining room. OK, it’s not a great photo but it’s tipping down and I’ve already had my shower today. I’m writing this post on June 22nd 2015. I’d like to make that...

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Denial – not just the river in Africa

  I am feeling a bit down today. I’ve seen some articles on social media that have upset me deeply. They’re always there, yes, but generally one can try and ignore them as the grumbles of so many whingers. Or...

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How I spend Mondays

I spend Mondays training the dogs. Since I got him, I’ve taken Raffles to class at 10:30 in the Keston Village Hall and then come back to fetch Oscar in time for the 1 o’clock class which is supposed to be more...

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When things go slightly awry

We are four weeks into our house project and, inevitably, we’ve run into a couple of problems. There has been a bit of miscommunication between us and the people doing our garden. I don’t really understand what has...

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[sdropcap]O[/sdropcap]h dear. How true it is that the stories most interesting to the reader are those most excruciating to write. Oscar the dog is now nearly seven years old. I’ve assiduously trained him since he was a...

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I Must Share This Bought This Sari For Princess

I must share this: Bought this sari for Princess MsDD for a high society occasion later in the year. We originally bought a gold blouse but Sister Suvarna and Smita, another one of the fabulous nurses, didn't think much of it. So last night Smita made this instead, taking the… [more]

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton.

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