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Thinx period pants

  Here is a Trigger Warning for the squeamish: this post is going to talk about menstruation and sanitary products for managing same. If you can’t deal with that, then maybe this post isn’t for you. When I was telling Eliza about these pants and, rather coyly introducing the subject she sagely shook her head and said, “Mum, no-one should be ashamed of discussing their periods,” and she’s right. Except that it is all a bit yuck and it’s in your pants and these aren’t subjects one raises with an airy flick of the hand over afternoon tea. Or...

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I haven’t done much with my blog for ages. I am so consumed with the outrageousness of Brexit and the egregious Trump that anything I write here seems trivial. I started this post at the end of June and have been consumed with the horror of the struggle unfolding before me ever since. And yet. I hate to leave anything unfinished, and I didn’t want to waste these words. I want to apologise to you if it all seems so irrelvant and superficial. On one level it is, of course, but I figure that we all need to cultivate...

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Today I walked the dogs at Farnborough common

Today I walked the dogs at Farnborough common

Today I walked the dogs at Farnborough common. It was very chilly indeed. And I cleaned the floor, finally! Looking forward to choir tonight. Making this:

I Have A New Phone With A Lot More Memory Should

I have a new phone with a lot more memory. Should be interesting.

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