No, it’s not an avant-garde new make-up look. Here I’m trying the JorgObé peel-off black mask. It kept popping up on my Facebook page in a targeted ad because I once said something about blackheads, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

The mask costs around £25 for 100ml, but I think this will be spread over many uses. I’ve used it about four times already and there’s no noticeable diminishment of the bottle. The JorgObé black mask is more economical than Bioré nose strips, at around £8.50 for six.

How do you use it? Well you cover your T zone, the areas most probe to oiliness and blackheads, and then sit and wait for it to dry which will take about half an hour. The mask doesn’t flake off in lumps of clay over your bedroom floor as it dries, and if it wrinkles, that will help with getting some purchase to peel it off. Your layer of black, tarry stuff needs to be reasonably thick or you won’t be able to peel off the mask properly, and beware of any contact with water until after you have peeled: the mask is quickly water-soluble. 

When it’s dry, grab the black edge of the mask and peel carefully. Any blackheads should stick to the mask and peel away, just like a Bioré strip.

How effective is it? Well at least as effective as Bioré, I’d say, and probably more fun to use. I’d probably buy it again.