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I’m not a beauty addict, but…

I’m not a beauty addict. There, I’ve said it. My mum, from a large, rural Indian family never wore make-up and has always been uninterested in fashion. And as I grew up, geeky and awkward, frightening off all the boys, I was convinced that THE CORRECT WAY for an intelligent feminist was not to wear make up or waste time with such fripperies as fashion. At university I constantly wore denim dungarees, yes, really. I didn’t wash my hair from week to week and some days didn’t even bother to brush it. I must have looked frightful. Years later I moved to Paris, where for Maman not to put her best foot forward with heels, a jacket and a full face for the school run at 8.00 is considered an insult to everyone. This is emphatically not an urban myth. So, now back home in Beckenham, new habits die hard and I have realised that looking nice doesn’t mean that one is not serious, after all. Generally I just like to find stuff that works for me so that I can look good with no fuss and then go off and do something more interesting. On days when I’m running errands, doing chores or walking the dog, spending huge amounts of time perfecting a polished business look is just silly, but I do find that a touch of natural...

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Good morning sunshine!

Today is THAT day isn’t it? The day that we long for over the cold dark winter months. The day when we finally awake to a clear, starry sunrise and the promise of a sunny day to come. The day when we are reminded by Nature just how lucky we are to live in a temperate climate. It’s easy to forget as we trudge around the grey, muddy January fields walking dogs in the freezing rain and biting wind. But today we can wipe away those wintry memories with the optimistic promise of Spring, just around the corner. There have been snowdrops on my front lawn for some weeks now but I’ve just taken a short run with the dog through Beckenham Place Park and purple crocuses are already in flower on the golf course by the Mansion. Pausing for a moment to catch my breath, the wide sweep of still naked trees appears to carry the hint of incipient greenery. It’s as though everything has been poised awaiting the first sunny, vaguely warm day. Today. Birds chirrup away and a Woodpecker has been drilling noisily (as have my next door neighbours’ workmen) for a week. No doubt in Finsbury Square office workers will be sunning themselves in their skimpy tops this lunchtime. Hooray for Spring. And no, we don’t wish to know about the return of the cold...

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I Must Share This Bought This Sari For Princess

I must share this: Bought this sari for Princess MsDD for a high society occasion later in the year. We originally bought a gold blouse but Sister Suvarna and Smita, another one of the fabulous nurses, didn't think much of it. So last night Smita made this instead, taking the… [more]

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton

Spotted this Trabant, which must have been fairly new at the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the forecourt of Douglas Compton.

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