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A demise

Do you remember this lovely cherry tree down the road, seen here in all its glory covered in spring blossom? It was my background picture in the summer. We’ve walked by underneath it all year noting the progress from blossom to full leaf to yellow and red with red cherries and glorying in the beauty of nature. Well, on Wednesday lunchtime it was felled by a car. Reportedly the culprits were “two pissed Irish navvies,*”  and I heard sirens and a helicopter which must have been the air ambulance. The tree fell across the car and is currently surrounded by police tape, despite being the innocent party. People always go far too fast down Crab Hill and I’ve witnessed a lot of right of way arguments between drivers as I’ve walked past with the boys. The moral of the story: don’t ever take anything for granted because one day, all of a sudden, it might not be there anymore. *In full calling out bigotry mode, I questioned the relevance of the driver’s ethnicity on the Next Door platform yesterday, which has set the cat among the pigeons. I think this is outdated and derogatory language  but, having provoked discussion, I have stood back while the argument rages. This makes me smile a...

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This is NOT Murphy but it is a picture of an Irish Wolfhound, similar to Murphy. This, however, IS Murphy. Thanks so much to @BiancaNicholas for sending me this picture, that she took in the woods this morning. She fell in love with him too.  Murphy is no more than a puppy, really, but he’s huge. Our Oscar is accustomed to being the biggest dog in our local park, so he was bemused by Murphy the first time they met, and still a little wary of him. An entire male, Oscar adores puppies and usually rolls on the ground to let them jump over him until they reach about 9 or 10 months old, when he feels it’s his dogly responsibility to teach them who’s boss. A quick growl or a bit of a hump will usually do. Dogs understand this: it’s not nasty, it’s just establishing a pecking order. Once they’ve done that, they just get on with their daily doggery. But Oscar isn’t at all sure how to treat Murphy. He smells and behaves like a 14 month old pup but he’s ruddy huge! As for Murphy: he just wants to play and socialise and have fun with all the other dogs. He’s only trying to be friendly and doesn’t understand that they’re running away because they’re frightened of this Goliath of canines. He truly seems to...

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Otherwise occupied

I know, I know! I haven’t written any posts lately, though I do have a few ideas going around in my head and one unfinished one from just after I came back from India. I currently have to divert all of my spare time and attention to an ongoing project, and stepping away from it makes me feel guilty. How easily, dear Reader, can I wave away my neglect of you. I hope that the normal level of sporadic will resume in a few weeks and I hope you’ll bear with me until then (who was it who said they hated that expression?) With everything in our lives about to come to a critical phase, everything is so uncertain, and yet I have plans for this blog next year. When my current project is finally over, I plan to read all of the photography books I have and resume the jumper I started knitting about three years ago. You’re throbbing with anticipation I know. Hope you understand....

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Proud householder

I don't know whether you can help me identify this bird? I've seen at least two building nests with the reedy grass from one of the monsoon-swollen ponds here. They carry the long reeds to their nests with pride and often drop them but they don't seem to pick up the ones they've dropped. Instead they fly off looking for more. I came across this nest in the window of one of the cottages. The birds are quite tame and carry on their work even whilst being watched. It seems to be a great time of the year for animals here in rural Maharashtra: there are butterflies everywhere enjoying the easing up of the monsoon to go about their business. This sequence has taught me that all birds are better photographed with a telephoto lens which I hadn't attached to my camera, probably against my better judgement. These birds were quite close up and yet the pictures aren't very detailed. You can zoom in if you want to see more details, though.    

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I was lucky enough to be invited to the fabulous wedding of @emproji and @lukephilosophy last weekend

I was lucky enough to be invited to the fabulous wedding of @emproji and @lukephilosophy last weekend

I was lucky enough to be invited to the fabulous wedding of @emproji and @lukephilosophy last weekend. Agonising about what to wear, I came across this gorgeous dress from Bombshell. Even better news: they had my size and it was reduced! It would have been rude not to!

I know these doors are supposed to be the ultimate in high security but I despise them

I know these doors are supposed to be the ultimate in high security  but I despise them

I know these doors are supposed to be the ultimate in high security but I despise them. I mean look how ugly they are! White UPVC, no definite sense of style nor era and the opening is both tiny and a trip hazard. How on earth are you supposed to… [more]

Excellent long read article.

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