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Hazelnut and chocolate spread

Today I made non-orangutan-murdering hazelnut and chocolate spread for Ms Eliza using the Thermomix. If you want to know more about palm oil, here is a link to Greenpeace information about it. The hardest part of the process was scraping the spread out of the Thermomix mixing bowl. The mixture contains peanut oil rather than habitat-destroying palm oil, and no preservatives or chemicals though I’m not making any health claims as it’s mainly chocolate and sugar but it will be a less guilt-generating spread for our...

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Two pictures, eighteen years apart

  We took this picture of ourselves some time in February 2001, when Eliza was about four months old and, since there are now so few opportunities for all four of us to be together, decided to recreate the picture eighteen years later. Hilarity ensued. The original was taken before we had dogs so Oscar and Raffles were shut out, much to their disgust. Please excuse the ropey cropping: I’m a complete beginner at Photoshop, but it’s time I learned I suppose, and I am thankful for the help of Eliza, @scrapegoat and Alfonso de Tomas, the creator of...

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Today I walked the dogs at Farnborough common

Today I walked the dogs at Farnborough common

Today I walked the dogs at Farnborough common. It was very chilly indeed. And I cleaned the floor, finally! Looking forward to choir tonight. Making this:

I Have A New Phone With A Lot More Memory Should

I have a new phone with a lot more memory. Should be interesting.

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