My mum hasn’t been well this week. She had an infection and fever last weekend and, though initially she recovered quite well, it was later found that her kidneys weren’t working properly so she was taken to hospital and in ICU in Panvel for a while. All of this precipitated inevitable reflections on mortality – more practical than morbid – and what I’d do if she were to die in the next week or so, close to Christmas, when I’m looking forward to James returning from Canada for a couple of weeks.

As usual I was reassured by a conversation with @morethanmum about the effects of antibiotics on the kidneys, especially of older people, and my mum was discharged from hospital later in the week. Panic over.

This picture, taken about three weeks ago, is a cheery antidote to the negativity I’m feeling at the moment. We have to be our own cheerleaders sometimes and this makes me smile.