I’m trying to sell my mum’s one-bedroomed apartment on her behalf. It’s been empty since she came to India in March 2014 and I’ve just had it expertly refurbished and re-decorated. For the type of apartment, it’s spacious.

The block, built in 1986, sits on Bromley Road in Shortlands just by bus stops. I’ve made enquiries about extending the lease and I’ll do this for buyer. Shops, though not immediate, are not far away, as is Shortlands station and, further up the hill, Bromley Town Centre. Beckenham High Street and stations are a short bus ride in the other direction.

The block has a beautifully-maintained rear garden and is watched over by resident house managers, who are on hand for teas and coffees and communal activities in the spacious residents’ lounge.

The apartment is on sale through Proctor’s at Park Langley and also through the management company, Osprey. It’s very competitively priced but it appears that this is a niche market and to date, while we have had interested buyers, they have always fallen through before exchange because people have fallen ill or haven’t actually been in a position to go through with the purchase.

I can understand how it might be difficult to move from a family house with decades of memories to a small apartment but this is luxurious and it might be a good idea to move before you really need to downsize. Please do pass this post on.