Yesterday I re-took my ATCL Singing Recital performance diploma at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in the old Royal Naval College at Greenwich. Having already gone through the whole palaver and then failing it, I don’t want to dissect it in great detail here. I am more technically proficient now than I was two years ago and I am reasonably hopeful that I’ll pass this time. For one thing, the examiner was a different person.

There were a few fumbled words and a couple of extra breaths here and there but these were taken mainly to counteract the effect of the nerves on my singing breathing. I did allow myself to be put off by a few wrong chords and the music falling off the piano at one point in the middle of the Schubert Lied, and ending up on the wrong page when it was put back together. I do hope the examiner treats these hiccups leniently.

My main disappointment with myself was that I don’t think I did Wapping Old Stairs justice, but I might have. Who knows? Anyway, for reference I have linked the Spotify playlist of my recital songs below.

The photo is of the Choos I wore, which beautifully matched my heron blue Bombshell dress and tanzanites,