Do you remember this lovely cherry tree down the road, seen here in all its glory covered in spring blossom? It was my background picture in the summer. We’ve walked by underneath it all year noting the progress from blossom to full leaf to yellow and red with red cherries and glorying in the beauty of nature.

Well, on Wednesday lunchtime it was felled by a car. Reportedly the culprits were “two pissed Irish navvies,*”  and I heard sirens and a helicopter which must have been the air ambulance. The tree fell across the car and is currently surrounded by police tape, despite being the innocent party. People always go far too fast down Crab Hill and I’ve witnessed a lot of right of way arguments between drivers as I’ve walked past with the boys.

The moral of the story: don’t ever take anything for granted because one day, all of a sudden, it might not be there anymore.

*In full calling out bigotry mode, I questioned the relevance of the driver’s ethnicity on the Next Door platform yesterday, which has set the cat among the pigeons. I think this is outdated and derogatory language  but, having provoked discussion, I have stood back while the argument rages. This makes me smile a little.