I know, I know! I haven’t written any posts lately, though I do have a few ideas going around in my head and one unfinished one from just after I came back from India. I currently have to divert all of my spare time and attention to an ongoing project, and stepping away from it makes me feel guilty. How easily, dear Reader, can I wave away my neglect of you.

I hope that the normal level of sporadic will resume in a few weeks and I hope you’ll bear with me until then (who was it who said they hated that expression?)

With everything in our lives about to come to a critical phase, everything is so uncertain, and yet I have plans for this blog next year. When my current project is finally over, I plan to read all of the photography books I have and resume the jumper I started knitting about three years ago. You’re throbbing with anticipation I know.

Hope you understand.