I don’t know whether you can help me identify this bird?

I’ve seen at least two building nests with the reedy grass from one of the monsoon-swollen ponds here. They carry the long reeds to their nests with pride and often drop them but they don’t seem to pick up the ones they’ve dropped. Instead they fly off looking for more.

I came across this nest in the window of one of the cottages. The birds are quite tame and carry on their work even whilst being watched. It seems to be a great time of the year for animals here in rural Maharashtra: there are butterflies everywhere enjoying the easing up of the monsoon to go about their business.

This sequence has taught me that all birds are better photographed with a telephoto lens which I hadn’t attached to my camera, probably against my better judgement. These birds were quite close up and yet the pictures aren’t very detailed. You can zoom in if you want to see more details, though.