We spent today at the Kent County Show in Detling. Our dog training club was running dog games there in aid of the Royal Marsden Hospital and we decided to go along.

We’ve never been to a big agricultural show like this before and it was obviously quite the place to see and be seen among the people of Deepest Kent. I understand that over 90,000 visitors were expected over the three days.

Atttactions included traditional crafts; the Kent Police Band; Popchoir; livestock shows; a vintage vehicle show; traction engines. There was so much to see.

It was great to be able to take our dogs along with us for what must, to them, have been a long and eventful walkies. They largely behaved well except for when Oscar decided to bark at a cow in the show ring, which unsettled her; and when he was frightened by a mobility tricycle coming up behind him.

Raffles had a go at the scurry event but was distracted from his pursuit of a tennis ball after jumping three bales of hay by the irresistible aroma of a little girl’s chips. Oscar crashed into a fence by trying to take an alternative route that avoided strenuous jumping, but eventually retrieved a dummy in the correct way despite a bloody nosey. We didn’t think either of our boys would fancy the dash n’ splash: they’re both a bit too cautious for that.

It was a great, relaxed day out, and one I’d recommend, especially for townies like us. It’s still on tomorrow if you’re interested.