Once again I am in India visiting my mum.

The monsoon has started, bring relief and refreshment after months of extreme, building heat. Despite the dinginess, it really is pleasant to go out in the warm rain.

Here are some photos I took on the way from the airport to the Dignity Lifestyle resort. I was expertly driven, as usual, by Mr Namdev and the photos were taken from a moving car so you’ll have to excuse the blurriness. On reflection I should have been brave and used a very fast shutter speed on Manual focus to reduce the blur but you live and learn I guess.

There’s low cloud and revered cows trundling down the busy Mumbai arterial road or even sitting down making everyone work around them, while hitchhiking crows and people going about their normal business. Those are pomogranates being sold at the roadside in that rain-blurred picture. They looked so pretty and reminded me of how the French stallholders piled up their own wares at our local market in our Western Parisian suburb.

Up the road outside Karjat is a film studio where, I think, a recent US music video was filmed, controversial for its inaccuracies and apparent exploitation of the idea of India. The only elephants you’re likely to find around this part of the world are made of painted plaster.