Off to the Chelsea Flower Show which, we are told, was suffering from a lack of sponsors and exhibitors’ gardens this year. Still, it made for a lovely afternoon out in unseasonably clement weather (we have almost given up booking outdoor summer events in London as they are almost always rained off. It’s not much fun shivering in a puddle on a wet seat while you wait to see whether there will be any tennis that day.)

There was a preponderance of lupins and alliums at the show this year, and some beautiful peonies. Plenty of people sneezing their heads off due to the mixture of air pollution and pollen too, but I suppose that it is permissible to do that in these surroundings. Generally the gardens were pink and purple-themed, but the random passing scarlet-clad Chelsea pensioners (I thought it rude to take pictures) blended well with the South African yellow and orange garden.

Though I am no longer the avid armchair gardener of bygone days, this has given me some inspiration so I’m hoping to pop up to our local garden centre in due course.