Hm. Well this is the my first, rather belated, go at the pussyhat, made in readiness for Donald Trump‘s forthcoming gracing of these shores. Sadly I didn’t make the bigly yuge protest on January 21st but I felt the need to do something to support those protestors. First offered as a State Visit a week after the vile tangerine manbaby’s inauguration by a sycophantic and over-eager Theresa May, it is rumoured that the visit will now take Mr Trump only to Scotland in October, to avoid protesters. 

I have never been to Scotland but I have heard that Mr Trump isn’t exactly flavour of the month there. We’ll see.

Anyway, whether or not I’m at that protest, I have knitted a pussyhat to wear in solidarity with the resisters. Tell the truth, I’m a little disappointed. I followed a rather casual pattern I found on Ravelry that involved bottom up knitting, using my Knitpro interchangeable cable needles but there wasn’t a defined number of stitches for the Worsted yarn and, casting on 100 stitches, I think I might have made it too big. The ears are rather floppy, and don’t really resemble those of a pusscat, especially at this angle, which is a pity. 

In the process, however, I did finally do a Long Tail Cast On, although I am not sure I did it entirely right as I ended up with a rather too long tail, and I also learned the useful Three Needle Bind Off so it’s an ill wind indeed that doesn’t have a silver lining, or something. 

For this hat I used: Schoppel Reggae 100% wool yarn in shade Fuchsia. My needles were Knitpro Karbonz interchangeable, using 5mm for the ribbing and 6mm for the stocking stitch body of the hat. What I might do is go back to the original Pussyhat pattern of knitting a rectangle, folding it over and side seaming, but I’m not sure. I’m also considering sewing on some of the crochet flowers I made a couple of years back just to jazz it up a little. What do you think?