Regretting being unable to join last week’s Women’s Demonstration against Donald Trump in London, and also being too otherwise engaged to join the planned Brexit march on March 25th, I went to Downing Street last night to join the #MuslimBanProtest at Downing Street last night. 

I am outraged by the Trump administration’s flouting of the UN Convention on refugees; by them singling out 7 countries, none of whose citizens has ever killed a US citizen; and by our own government’s cosying up to this regime, forced into this position by their headlong and obstinate dash toward Hard Brexit. I do not care that UK citizens are exempt and, in fact, this only makes the matter worse. It is the principle. 

By the time I arrived, Whitehall was completely full but I gradually managed to make my way through the throng of mostly, but not uniquely, young people, chanting and singing until I reached the gates of Downing Street. I didn’t have a sign or a proper camera so please excuse the quality of the snaps in the montage below.

What’s important was being present, adding my voice. I’ve been dismayed by the lack of imagination of some who think that they can disregard principles of human rights or the plight of others not immediately within their own circle. It’s that thing about Evil requiring good people to say nothing. Silence is complicity, as the sign said.

Further, I understand that some people arriving in the USA are having their Social Media history checked. I am not planning to visit the USA any time soon. Not only do I despise their president and his regime but I also fear being shot by some gun-toting, trigger-happy “concerned citizen” or police officer. Let my social media history speak for me: I shall not be an appeaser.