Alarmed that MPs are debating the process by which Article 50 is triggered tonight, I wrote to my Member of Parliament, Colonel Bob Stewart MP DSO etc etc this morning. You will remember that I previously engaged him on a couple of fronts and in the most recent on the fox hunting debate in August last year, my concerns were brushed aside.

My MP has been variously described to me as “A war hero,” and “An alcoholic, homophobic, misogynistic c***” (asterisks are mine.)  I must say, as I’ve been unimpressed by either his intellectual or rhetorical abilities and my own opinion tends towards the latter, so I wasn’t expecting grande chose from him in terms of serious debate on the matter. But one does have to try one’s best to light even a little candle and at least I can say I’ve done my best. I am therefore posting our exchange of communication without further comment.


Dear Colonel Stewart

I am emailing to you implore you to vote against tonight’s Article 50 Brexit vote.

You will, I hope, be fully up to speed on all the reasons that the overwhelming majority of economic, legal and political experts advised that the UK should remain part of the powerful trading bloc that is the European Union and why they urged people to vote Remain on June 23rd. Whilst, yes, the Leave vote narrowly carried the day nationally, many people had no idea what they were voting for. In fact, Bromley and Beckenham voted albeit narrowly to Remain. You have said in the past that you are keen to hear and represent the views of your constituents which is why I am writing to you with such urgency today.

It is my contention that much of the Leave vote was swayed by the perceived promise of more money for the NHS, and a perception that immigration would cease after a Leave vote, as well as the notion of giving those in power in London a good kicking. Many were swayed by outrageous lies and racism. My own daughter, [Redacted], was racially abused while out walking our dogs by newly-empowered ignorant people after the vote. All of these arguments have been repeated endlessly but there are strong indications that many of those who voted Leave then have changed their minds given subsequent events and information, and many others have died.

Apart from declaring a “Red, white and blue Brexit,” It remains unclear what exactly the Government hopes to gain from its Brexit negotiations in Europe. We still have no idea of what it is we voted on. There appears to be no Brexit plan let alone any detailed proposals. Just the result of the Referendum has already had a severe and adverse impact on business confidence and living standards in this country, and indications are that much worse is to come. Would you personally advise anyone to put their signature to a blank piece of paper that could take away their rights and protections? Given the narrow majority; the fact that opinions have already changed and the fact that the Referendum result was designed to be advisory only, I am urging you to vote against tonight’s Bill.

I have grown up thinking of myself as an EU citizen. We have lived and worked in mainland Europe, as is currently our right. It currently appears that my husband’s employer will be forced to relocate to Europe if the UK leaves the Single Market. This will be the case for many of your other constituents who work in the financial services sector, and their vast amounts of income tax will be lost to the UK. I am begging you to think of the next generation of young people and their access to the opportunities, freedoms and protections that the European Union provides. Through the EU citizenship afforded them by their mother your children will continue to enjoy the rights and privileges of all other EU citizens. I am pleading with you not to strip my children of theirs.

Yours sincerely

Gita Beecroft (Mrs)
BA (Hons), MBA

The reply:

Dear Mrs Beecroft,

Thank you for your e mail. In the United States at a Security Conference today so cannot be in the House of Commons. But if I was I would remain true to my election pledge to back our withdrawal from the European Union which I think to be in the best interests of both my and your children. I am sorry if you disagree.

With best wishes,

Bob Stewart
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