It’s about time I put my ice cream maker through its paces again. Much as I love the chocolate and coffee flavours, I needed to make something different and fruity to show that it’s possible.

Raspberries are in the shops so I bought a couple of punnets and found this recipe on the BBC Good Food site.

Now, I’m on a singing course at the Benslow Music centre in Hitchin this week, and I didn’t want the raspberries to go off in my absence so I found myself starting this ice cream at 9.30 last night.

Making a custard-based ice cream is a bit of a faff and generates rather too much washing up but once you get going it’s fine.

Picture the scene: I have cream and full fat milk coming to the boil with a vanilla pod on the hob. I have  assiduously separated 10 egg yolks and they’re waiting to be whisked in the Kitchenaid.  There’s a freezer bag all ready to receive the whites. And then I reach for the wrong bowl and, instead of sugar, the egg whites are reunited with their yolks to the whisking bowl.

My long suffering spouse had to nip out to a local petrol station for some eggs (free range.)
It’s good to chill the custard overnight before churning it in the ice cream machine the following day. I was in a hurry today – in my haste to leave home I’ve left my laptop and chargers in another suitcase – and previous ice cream mixes have always been a little too hard for my liking so I set this custard to churn for 40 minutes. It was much softer and easier to remove from the machine but it was too soft and melty for my liking.

Anyway the result is a rich vanilla ice cream cut with a tart, rich raspberry sauce. Berry nice.