…I took delivery of my new Kindle Voyage today.

I’m not comparing myself with Achilles. He had only one bad heel and I have several more than that. I suppose I could be the Very Hungry Achilles. Anyway, competitive reading at school between the ages of four and seven put paid to my love for reading for many years and it wasn’t reKindled until I studied French literature for A level, if then, with the result that I feel hugely under-read compared with the people with whom I surround myself.

I tend to read when I’m visiting my mum in India because, aside from spending time with her, there’s not much else to do. On my last trip I took a hardback copy of Edmund de Waal’s The White Road, whose pristine cover was bashed and squashed around with my cabin baggage every time I went through the security x-ray machines. So this time I shall take a loaded Kindle instead.

HOWEVER, I’d like you help, dear friends, with book recommendations. I have downloaded:

The Curious Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (MsDD’s recommendation)

To Kill a Mockingbird and The Name of the Rose (with any luck no-one else will die in the next few weeks whose work I haven’t read)

The Female Eunuch

Fear of Flying (Yes, yes I know. But I’m intrigued and I keep missing the serialised episodes on Radio 4)

What else is a must read, do you think? And can anyone help me connect my Instapaper account please?