I am missing my daily blog post much more than I thought I would even though a combination of general busyness this week and not a lot to say would have made any posts deadly dull. Would you have been able to spot that? Who knows?

I decided to make some chocolate ice cream in the machine that I got for Christmas. I now have about four ice cream recipe books but the recipe I chose was from Will Torrent’s Chocolate At Home, another one of those books that I Did Not Need but I wanted, oh how I wanted it, when I spotted it down in Downe at the most local farm shop to me.

In the process of making this ice cream I learned to make proper custard. I’d been longing to give that a go but stories of the custard curdling and splitting had put me off and it seemed enough of a faff to bring to the surface my inner lazy ladoo. As it was, I caught MsDD in a bit of a post-exam lull yesterday and press-ganged her into helping me make it under the pretext that a person needs to be able to make ice cream in case of emergencies. It worked and, as there were lots of ingredients – it would seem that Will Torrent is a pudding version of Yotam Ottolenghi with his long shopping list of ingredients – it was good to have a helping hand for the mise en place.

It’s a very rich recipe, this one, using five egg yolks – I did the Nigella thing and froze the whites for a later pavlova – and huge amounts of double cream. I used Green and Blacks 70% chocolate and their cocoa powder because I’d rather eat less of the fabulous stuff than gorge on lower quality food, but that’s just me. This recipe makes far too much mixture to fit into the machine so I had to churn it in two batches.

I had the deep fat fryer going last night and a simultaneous Ocado delivery: the Boywonder was FaceTimeing and, in putting him off for five minutes, I managed to press the button and attempt to FaceTime my singing teacher instead. Add a couple of barking dogs and TSFJazz in the background and you have some idea of the complete chaos in my kitchen last night.

The ice cream comes out softer than commercially-produced stuff and that’s why it’s best made the night before so it can have time to harden in the freezer. The OH, normally neither a fan of ice cream nor of chocolate, was positively slavering over the thought of having some of this after lunch with his cup of tea and it did not disappoint.

I’m having some trouble uploading the photo I took of the ice cream to WordPress today. I’m hoping it’s a temporary blip so instead you’ll have to make do with the video.

When sorting out the ice cream in advance of its final freeze, you layer it in the container with the buttery-rich fudge sauce that you’ve made separately – don’t panic, that just means heating the ingredients together in a pan – so that the fudge ripples through the ice cream but when the OH dished up a couple of scoops this afternoon, he didn’t dig deep enough into the freezer box so the fudge will be a delight to be saved for later, more desperate, times, but I can honestly say that this is the best chocolate ice cream I have ever tasted, and totally worth a moderate amount of faff.