New Year’s Resolutions? We’re a week into 2016 and I’ve had little downtime to consider them. I’m not going to make many this year, not because I am Poppins-like Practically Perfect In Every Way, but largely because I feel that less (fewer) is more. I’ve generally been quite good at keeping my resolutions in the past probably because I haven’t overcomplicated them.

This time mine will be about the doing rather than the thinking. Here goes:

  • I’m going to finish the craft projects I left outstanding last year. Or, for shame, the previous year. Here are: the unfinished throw I’m crocheting for the new sitting room WHICH I NOW HAVE; the unfinished jumper I’m knitting in softest alpaca for the Boywonder. Let’s see if I can finish that BEFORE he returns from Canada; an UNSTARTED bobble hat for the OH: the few triangles of crocheted bunting project to use up all that yarn I bought cheap from Hobbycraft (I had to have at least one ball of each colour, didn’t I?)

  • I’m going to get my ATCL Diploma. If I have failed the first time around – no I haven’t heard yet – I’ll try again in the summer. I am NOT going to spend another autumn neurotically dodging infections though.
  • I’m going to do more daily singing practice. I’ve had a break for Christmas and a cold and awaiting the result of the above Diploma but I’ve been asked to do some duets as part of my next recital so I have to work on that.
  • I shall play the piano more. So I’ll have to finish our music room, which currently has a gale blowing through the front bay. Seriously: every time someone shuts the front door, anyone sitting at the table in the bay can feel a little puff of air cross their feet. This, of course, is not wholly up to me as I am a cost centre rather than an income stream.
  • I shall do my filing.
  • I shall finish the books I started. The White Road, The Children Act...
  • I shall sell my mum’s flat this year.


    • I shall finish the #minsgame. I have about 10 days to go. Why, I’ve already binned a couple of people on Facebook in the last week. Surely that counts?
    • I shall try and get to grips with more advanced blog coding. And photography. I need to learn more about taking good photos.
    • I shall finally take the piles of clothes, “thrown out,” in the #minsgame to the clothing bank.
    • I shall walk away from negative people out to do me harm. This is not simply one of those inane things that people post on Facebook. It’s difficult to rid one’s life completely of negative influences and, I’d argue, into everyone’s life a little rain must fall. You need at least some negative experiences to learn and grow. And no-one is 100% Pollyanna.

But there are people out to do us harm, the sociopaths; the carpers; the people so consumed with envy that they’d say anything to bring us down. These people are not good for us. They must go.

To this end a final one:

  • I shall be brave. And I shall be brave about being brave. I don’t have to take out what people dole out and I shall bite back. Beware!