You never know what to ask for from Santa, do you, but this seemed like a good idea. I will never forget the wonderful fresh musky orange flavour of our (Italian) friend Roberta’s ice cream that made several years ago, and I thought I could ask for a similar machine for Christmas.

The Boywonder is partial to a bowlful of ice cream while watching Match of the Day late on a Saturday evening. Yes, I know, it’s not a great time to be taking in pure calories, but it’s his routine and he likes it. His current favourite flavour is Ben&Jerry’s Satisfy My Bowl, a confection of banana, caramel and chocolate, which now seems to have been discontinued. It was therefore a no-brainer that the first ice cream I made for my foreign-returned boy was an approximation of his favourite.

Despite being warned about the noisiness of these machines, it is quite possible to hold a meaningful conversation while this one is in operation. The only parts that need to be washed are the bowl, the paddle and the lid. All in all a completely painless and stress-free experience, especially when served with rum-flambés banana, that singed the OH’s hair as he was making them.

Ice cream made this way is a lot softer than commercially-produced varieties so has to be firmed up in the freezer for a while. It also melts far more quickly than the sort of ice cream you buy.

I was pleased with the recipe from the Ben & Jerry’s book (though it isn’s actually Satisfy my Bowl) but if I’m honest, the banana flavour was a little insipid. Still, very good for a first try.