If you can overlook the divot in the red jumper I like the subject matter of this photo.

I hadn’t walked the dogs for nearly a week so had cabin fever this morning and was raring to go. We had to deliver some overlooked presents to my cousin-in-law in Greenwich (it seems such a long way away but it’s only next door to Lewisham: a scant 20 minutes by car) and we walked the dogs in Greenwich Park which, if you’re not familiar, consists of a pretty steep hill surrounding the (former) Royal Observatory, with Blackheath at the top of the hill and Greenwich and the river at the bottom.

The Greenwich Maritime Museum is the building with the colonnades (is that what they’re called?) over my right shoulder and beyond that you can see the former Royal Naval College, now Trinity Laban, where I did my singing exam a couple of weeks ago.

But look beyond it to the new(er) buildings of Canary Wharf and, to the left of them, St. Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a good juxtaposition of old and new, I think.