It’s been an interesting evening comprising, as it did, the concert of my choir and MsDD’s BYCB band, and a session in the pub afterwards, when we were joined for a little by members of the OH’s band, who also did their concert in Beckenham tonight.

We weren’t driving so more alcohol was consumed than normal, once I’d tottered down the High Street in my clingy evening dress and sparkly Choo platforms that are slightly too big for me. No. Don’t go there. I’m sure you can imagine how I looked. Maybe Lynda caught a glimpse of me as I tiptoed past? Interesting conversations were had, by the loosened tongues, however and maybe it’s best that these remain as flytipped rubbish by the verge.

Generally we sang well and the band played well, of course. But it’s really difficult to see the conductor from the choir stalls, especially if one is  a 5′ tall soprano and the conductor isn’t  very tall either. In rehearsal I had to change seats a couple of times and I was roundly condemned for doing so. But what is the use of being in a choir if you can’t see the conductor?

In the end I lacked the requisite courage to wear the side tiara especially purchased for the occasion, though several people told me how much they hoped I would wear one. There is always next year.