To one of the plethora of concerts we attend at throughout the year.  The first half started predictably enough with Elgar and Schubert and Mendelssohn but this is what happened in the second half: a possible world premiere of a minimalist piece for Saxophone Ensemble.

Fliessband, an evocation of a production line with all individuals producing their own snippets of Adam Smith’s divided labour to flit in and out of the harmonies, tipped its hat to Steve Reich and was written by our own Ned Bennett. These Hazmat costumes were intended conceptually, I guess, to tie in with the piece, which I enjoyed immensely. My enjoyment was tempered by the stereotypically loud American father seated behind me who whooped all the way through the concert – I kid you not (I’m not anti-American, by the way, not at all but he was terribly out of place in Dulwich.) He gave voice to what everyone else was thinking: that the ensemble looked like they were dressed like something from a Woody Allen film. He didn’t need to name the film. We all knew that he was referring to the sperms waiting for their moment. Once we’d got over the cringes, it was a hugely enjoyable performance. More whooping..

The concert finished with Jazz Band playing something slightly more conventional and, on December 1st, an introduction to Christmas: