My singing teacher, hey, let’s give her a name: Sarah, told me that I should take a day off from singing to rest my over-tired voice. I did, however, go through my recital very quietly while walking the dogs. In fact, if you’re ever at High Elms or Farnborough Common or Beckenham Place Park and you hear a soprano belting out arias, well, that’s me.

I’ve spent the afternoon trying to write the programme notes for my recital that form 10% of the actual mark and, in the process, came across some wonderful, fabulous, helpful, encouraging YouTube vlogs by Joyce DiDonato, The Yankee Diva.

This one meant so much to me because it is an accurate portrayal of one of the most problematic issues that I face in my singing performance. And also in my life. It was so powerful that I am compelled to share it with you.

I dropped @JoyceDiDonato a line on Twitter to thank her for her vlogs, especially this one, and she tweeted me back in acknowledgement. How nice, don’t you think?