I am not feeling great this evening after a run through of my diploma songs which, whilst not perfect, didn’t seem as downright bad to me as to the person accompanying me. This experience has been enough to shake my already fragile self confidence to the core, despite what I said last night. Oh, you hadn’t realised?

I have shed quite a few tears and been reassured by all sorts of people and sung well (I think) in choir practice. Tomorrow is another day. Well, it will have to be, won’t it?

In other news, Nathan and Chris have been doing preparatory work before ripping up most of our garden and putting something more non-gardener friendly in its place. Don’t get me wrong: I love flowers, I just have this awful propensity to kill everything I touch. We’ll be having a new artificial lawn and some flower beds to be planted in due course.

Sorting out the garden entails hiring in a mini digger, which could potentially damage out lovely new slate patio so Chris and Nathan have spent two days building this ramp, which successfully carried the mini digger over to the grass without damaging the slate.

I think this custom-built ramp is rather a beautiful thing, actually, and I’d love to keep hold of it after they have finished, if possible, not that I have any idea where we could keep it. It makes our garden mobility friendly. It’s a Reasonable Adjustment in the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 that seems appropriate.