Our Raffles is generally a bold doggy. He isn’t shy at all and is really inquisitive. If anyone is doing any work on the house, he goes right up to them to stare at what they’re doing and supervise them. Raffles is a middle management dog.

Whereas Oscar is a little faint-hearted and runs away from the vacuum cleaner and the steam mop, Raffles generally stands his ground, challenging the machine to suck him up if it very dares. Just the other day he leapt off the village hall stage, a good four feet from the ground. I swear he thinks he’s a pusscat.

We’ve noticed, however, that he’s a little cautious on his woodland walks at the moment. Oscar trundles along quite oblivious to anything underfoot, but Raffles picks his way carefully through the leaves. Here is a video of our Gingerspice treading gingerly:


Pesky chestnuts with their sharp prickles! What’s a doggy with such sensitive paws to do?