Mondays are tiring including, as they do, a fast day; housecleaning and tidying and two lots of dog class. So I find myself another day closer to my singing exam and none of my good practice intentions fulfilled.

It’s often difficult to find the time to think of a blog post on Mondays, so here is the next day in the #minsgame for you:




  1. The two remote control holders don’t hold remote controls and they look really tacky.
  2. The ladle is too big for our drawer and it’s had its day now. I must have had it at least 15 years.
  3. No idea what those miscellaneous candle holder things are.
  4. The cutter’s been knocking about since they tidied out the study. I bought it in 2005 in Paris when I realised that there were no Christmas cards around so I made my own. If you received a card from me that year, know that it was a very special one. They took me weeks to make and the cutters aren;t exactly easy to use either.
  5. That’s a Chanel eyeshadow palette. “It will suit you so well  Madam. It looks so spectacular.” Yadda, yadda. The colours are too cold for me and they are all high shimmer, which I no longer want. I find matte much more flattering. I’ll give this to MsDD to add to her make-up collection – all mistaken purchases of mine.
  6. Ah yes. The PS2. I only reluctantly bought the Boywonder a console game thing when he was about 8 or 9. They are such time stealers and I know how easy it is to become addicted to them. I deeply disapprove of these things but did not want my child to grow up a freak. Sure enough, he played it too often and it did distract him from all the other things he was supposed to be doing. We never upgraded, though the OH bough me a wiifit for a birthday which I only rarely used and I think some games can be played on that. When I think of the amount of time people spend on these to me it’s unbelievable.
  7. The lid of a wok. I think that might the wok that went up in flames and had to be chucked out into our skip.
  8. No-one in this house has hair fine enough to be held by this hairband.
  9. Then there’s a meter to measure your electricity usage. which has never worked.
  10. A pink wrap blanket. I think this might have been inherited from my late mother-in-law but I’ve never used it.
  11. Keeping this pink tray that came with some flowers or something seemed like a good idea at the time but in fact we have rarely, if ever, used it.
  12. The iomega drive has died, along with all our stored CDs and it is uneconomic to het it repaired, so out it goes.
  13. There is an anonymous charger for an anonymous toothbrush.
  14. And finally four empty jewellery boxes. I prefer full ones.They can go.