I didn’t mean it. It was’t that I was happy with my foundation colour, just that I’d learned to live with lightening or darkening it to an approximation of my skin colour with those Hourglass powders.

And then, shopping with MsDD at Bluewater on Friday, I came across NARS again because I was looking for the perfect neutral brown eyeshadow for a “polished natural,” look. As one ages, it is phenomenal how much time effort and expenditure go into achieving a natural look.

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I dismissed NARS as “too yellow,” before but, you know how it is, you start looking at their other Audacious lipsticks and you’re drawn into conversation with the counter assistant; who happens to be a visiting freelance make-up artist; and then she offers to check your foundation colour and you’re with your daughter and one thing leads to another and you come away with a new pot of foundation.

Sceptical though you may be – and don’t forget how many times you’ve done this before – you realise that this Syracuse IS actually your colour and you look good. And so does MsDD (Punjab). So you do a bit more research on the brand and realise that people think it’s great. And the colours all look so pretty. And there you go, you’re hooked. Again.

Let us draw a veil over the new NARS stuff I have bought since Friday. It’s not important and it’s not that much, but I’m pleased to report that I have found a perfect match brown eyeshadow, curiously named “Blondie.

Further research determined that NARS blushers are the dogs’ wotsits and, having a neurosis about looking like a clown in my Hourglass blusher – it’s probably not designed for people with my complexion – I ordered some from John Lewis. I adore their Click and Collect service, which means I can pick up parcel the next day from my local Waitrose without having to tolerate all that Yodel nonsense.

NARS blushers can have some racy names. I ordered Orgasm, which is an iconic pink with gold bits, but Deep Throat arrived in this state:



Which was disappointing.

John Lewis, bless their hearts, immediately arranged a replacement and apologised and it will be winging its way to me for Thursday. But beware, NARS, because some is having a go at your rude blushers.