It was so lovely to Facetime with the Boywonder for ages this evening. It’s becoming less stilted and much more easy going and free-flowing. (He’s looking much better than last week, by the way, though his cough still lingers. The mid-terms have gone well.)

We were having supper at the time, and when we put my laptop on the table it was just like him sitting at the table, having a debate with us. If you’ve seen Raj’s parents in The Big Bang Theory, it’s like that, in reverse.

In other news this was fish and chip night. I cook with vegetable oil but I’m not entirely sure that the smoke is good for my health, as it gives me the sniffles. I know some cooks use groundnut oil in their deep-fat fryers. Does anyone have any recommendations?

And here is a photo of Oscar being as appealing as possible because chips are around. Meanwhile Raffles is trying to use his telekinetic powers to open the warming drawer in which are stashed four pieces of fish in beer batter.