739dd708f501099f_640_illnessMy poor boy has struggled through lectures this week despite throwing up on Sunday and running a fever, and he sat an exam yesterday. The way the system works there, he had to present himself at the University walk-in clinic before 8.30 am today to get himself an appointment for 2pm. Silly boy walked there and back twice. He says it’s two miles but he admits that might have been an overestimate. It certainly felt like two miles, I’m sure.

Through the magic of the internet I managed to send him a care package but that was largely chocolate-based and probably the last thing he fancies right now. I feel so sorry that he’s on his own with no-one to care for him and he’s had to struggle through what seems like an awful lot of bureaucracy alone. All the brands of medicines and remedies are unfamiliar.

This week has been a low point for him, but I hope he’ll soon be on the mend. Perhaps he’ll make sure he wraps up warm and now he knows that next time it would probably be better to get a taxi to the health centre. Or research a more proximate doctor’s surgery. Every experience is a learning experience, of course.

In the meantime I’ll put together a more appropriate parcel containing Soothers and Lem Sips. I wonder whether I’m allowed to send honey.