Several people guessed. And how many of you were put off the scent, as it were, by that cunning piece of lemon zest in the dough?

No, it was Nigella’s Apple Kuchen from her Domestic Goddess book. Here is the finished article (sans almonds because I did’t have any in the house.)


As Nigella recommends, it’s probably more of a luxurious yet homely breakfast carb boost than a cake, but it’s still jolly nice. I think this recipe is the basis for cinnamon buns and, what sounds more inviting, rhubarb crumble kuchen.

An omission from the recipe, if you’re trying it, is that you should oil the tin a bit especially if, like me, you only have the correct size tin in ordinary bakeware and not exotic silicone. Having said that, Sue informs me that her silicone bakeware also sticks so I guess the solution is to line the tin with foil or oil it, whatever it is. Or you might be able to get suitably sized baking parchment liners from Lakeland or somesuch.

Having wrestled and chiselled this out of the tin, I can assure it’s a very nice, not two sweet treat for a weekend breakfast.


Sticking to the subject of food, we had fish and chips tonight, since it’s Friday, made with delicious hake and haddock from Abel and Cole. Battered fish is usually too much for me; It smells divine at the time but when the consequences of gobbling it up are a leaden stomach, then you look for alternative to the normal beer batter.

I have found mine in tempura batter. I just searched for a recipe on the internet and one came forth using cornflour, bicarbonate of soda and chilled sparking water. It makes for a lovely light golden crisp batter:


Our problem tonight, though, was that our eyes started to sting and itch. At first we thought it was pollen from the lilies given to us by our builder early in the week but we now think it was the oil. I remember having encountered this problem with vegetable oil previously. I don’t know whether this is a well-known phenomenon and other people have also found this?


I know posting food pictures is a bit of a copout on a blog (unless it’s a food blog) but I’ve been almost too busy this week to catch any thoughts at all. I do find, however, that my new kitchen is great for firing the culinary enthusiasm before launching, renewed and well satiated, into the latest issue with music, builders or trying to sell my mother’s flat.