So that was quite an enjoyable evening. The North Central High School band from Indianapolis came a gave a joint concert with our Bromley Youth Concert Band. I have no idea why they’re here, other than to come a see a  bit of London, and absolutely no idea how they found us but they had an early supper with our young people and then rehearsed before the concert. I actually felt quite ashamed that I had no idea where Indianapolis was and had to look it up. Having read Wikipedia, I can’t say I’m much the wiser.

Yes, that was a little grudging. It’s a pain to have a concert on a Monday night, which means shifting homework deadlines and an inevitable pile-up later in the week. And MsDD’s school finishes almost an hour after the local schools so she was a little late. Grumble, grumble. Our band were possibly a little intimidating in their formal concert dress that contrasted markedly with American school band in their khakis and bomber jackets. Apparently, pupils at the High School can elect to spend one of their 7 daily classes in band rehearsal as opposed to our organisation being a completely extra-curricular activity.

I spent at least some of the time looking daggers across the concert hall at one of the teachers with whom I still haven’t had a necessary conversation. In the meantime virtual holes were being bored in the back of my head by someone who I thought was my friend who dropped me publicly, ungraciously and suddenly in the summer. It’s her loss.

Mondays. Always glad when they’re finished.