3/10/2015  Day 17

I’m still unpacking boxes and trying to sort out the house a bit. We’re making progress with the sitting room – this afternoon was spent mainly in installing light fittings – but I am making a virtue out of a necessity and using a #minsgame post for tonight’s blog post.

I am determined to get myself to Day 30 of the game. I’m not quite sure how long it will take me though.


#minsgame Day 17


  1. There are two banana guards. Yes, we might need one in the future, but no-one needs three, do they?
  2. The loose bottom (no jokes please) round cake tin has somehow warped. It’s obviously one of those instances where I’ve tried to fit the base into the spring-loaded side, run out of time and left it for another day. Well today was that other day. I’ve decided that the base doesn’t fit and I’m chucking it out.
  3. Ah yes. My bun tin. Every year, I make mince pies at Christmas. I never buy them: it’s one of my Things. I use a bun tin and make Nigella’s star topped mince pies. Now, I was told in school Domestic Science classes  “Never grease with pastry,” so I never do. And every year, without fail, my first lot of mince pies, and possibly several lots after that, becomes melded with the material of the bun tin in which they are baked. Every year I vow I’ll sort this situation out but I never want to upgrade to silicone because I feel sure that I’ll check the method next year. (Here let me add that I have actually had batches of non-stick mince pies in the past. It’s not completely an idle hope.) This year I’m starting to contemplate Christmas good and early. I am biting the bullet and throwing out the bun tin. That I have ordered a silicone job from Lakeland in its place is probably completely at odds with the decluttering spirit of the #minsgame, but let us quietly draw a veil over that.
  4. Let us come, then, to the Physics-defying loose bottomed muffin pan. Obviously, a cake batter will leak around the sides of the individual loose bottoms. Which damnfool thought that one up? Which damnfool bought the thing?
  5. The grill pan comes from a built-in microwave that stopped working some years ago. It no longer fits. Out it goes.
  6. Then there is the mezzluna. I’m sorry Nigella, I know that you swear by them, but I prefer a good old fashioned knife. Incidentally, I read in Kitchen that Nigella does not like kitchens with drawers and likes to keep an array of bottles all primed and ready by her stove. Primed and ready and cluttering up the place. I’m sorry but I disagree. I would find that terribly stressful.
  7. Then there’s a pair of jugs. *stifles snigger* Nobody without toddlers needs plastic jugs, do they?
  8. I am not actually chucking out the red Guzzini jar: I like those. I’m just using it to display its contents: loose leaf tea that I must have bought many months ago, and that must have lost all of its flavour. Into the compost bin you go.
  9. The top of the range Gordon Ramsey Bamix blender will have to go too. I’m not a great one for stick blenders. I think being a shorthouse means that I never seem to get them at the right angle but my beef with this blender is that the blades blunt so quickly and I don’t think they can be sharpened. I’ve since bought a Magimix, and I love that so I’ll stick with it.
  10. Some old cotton wool balls, bought, perhaps, for cleansing Oscar’s ears. I needn’t chuck them, I guess, but they are too small to do anything sensible with, unfortunately.
  11. Then there are the plastic storage boxes for halves of apples or onions or other round fruit and veg. Have I ever used them? No.
  12. Yes, that is a turkey baster and no, I did not use it to conceive a Satanic child, #thearchers Tweetalongers. No. I basted a turkey with it then realised that it could not be successfully cleaned. So I kept it, thinking I would come up with a cleaning strategy and I never did. Out it goes.
  13. Yet another disagreement with Nigella: the potato ricer that seemed like a good idea at the time but that is so awkward to use that I’d rather not have it taking up space in my kitchen.
  14. There are miscellaneous labels from our utility room units, left over from when the builders threw it up in a hurry in 2005 before quickly going bankrupt.
  15. There is a stand for some long-defunct chopping boards and then some silver balls for cake decoration that have a Best Before date of November 2004.