OK, I know this is a bit of a copout but please cut me some slack: I’m having a very busy week:



30/9/15 Day 16

Now, I think @Morethanmum will be quite pleasantly surprised by this as I have grouped my chucking stuff into 16 categories rather than specified 16 items tonight. I have rather more than 16 items of which to dispose today after unpacking a couple more boxes.

It’s a kitchenware-themed post today:


  1. The saucepans were an impulse purchase of a sale item over ten years ago. I didn’t need them then and, now that I have an induction hob, I can’t use them now. They’re OK, I suppose, but I’ve never liked them as much as my Le Creuset and they aren’t even dishwasher safe. I know!
  2. The two children’s aprons are now too small for either of my children. It would be more of a wrench to get rid of these if either of my children had shown more than a passing inclination to join me in the kitchen.
  3. A stainless steel tin with a plastic lid that my mum gave me. It’s exactly the wrong size to be of any practical use.
  4. Then there are the light bulb and water filter that go in our former fridge which is now an ex-fridge and languishes somewhere in the fridge disposal section of a rubbish tip.
  5. The icing stencils to mark out brickwork on a cake. It’s good to be a little ambitious but I don’t think I was ambitious enough.
  6. Then there are numerous Lock and Lock boxes without lids. When we bought these boxes we did not realise that they weren’t freezer proof, especially a freezer that’s so small and cluttered that the food stored in said boxes therein tumbled out all over the floor when the door was opened so shattering the non-freezer proof lids. The sample here is representative.
  7. A burger set, tartlet set and tartlet tins have never been used and I have no idea why I bought them.
  8. Goodness knows what that plunger like thing is. A cooker maker?
  9. Various bits of plastic that go in cake storage boxes that have now left the building.
  10. A curly wurly straw that has now been substantially straightened by becoming caught in a dishwasher. At one time MsDD used these to drink her small beaker of milk.
  11. Sandwich boxes that were large enough only for mini-sandwiches.
  12. One of those cupholders that we used to use at my previous choir. I have no idea why I still have this.
  13. A steamer basket that does not seem to unfold. I have numerous streamers already so have no idea why this is still around.