It is my turn to provide refreshments for the Youth Band this Friday. I have a busy to-ing and fro-ing type week planned so I decided to start the mega-bake today.

Out of its packing box, then, came my 16 year old Kitchenaid mixer. It has yet to find its permanent home in our pantry but I hope that will be finally finished next week.

I had never baked cookies before and always imagined them to be rather difficult. They’re not at all and, armed with Nigella’s Kitchen book, I whipped up a few chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, all the while thinking that Hillary Clinton would not be doing this. The new Labour party leader was making a speech at the same time so I was able to listen to it. I’ve never had a TV in the kitchen before, let alone watched in the middle of the day. Scandalous!

I’m still getting to grips with all the many and varied functions of my Desirable kitchen Gadgets but I’ve read enough to be able to use them properly and this week has seen the return of my Abel and Cole fruit and veg boxes. I now have fruit coming out of my ears so one solution was to make a fruit pudding. MsDD dislikes cooked fruit and the OH is ensconced in Paris so I had the crumble all to myself this evening.

I’m also revelling in the final touch to the kitchen proper: the cornflower blue glass splashback that seems to tie the colour scheme together. Bon appetit!