Today has been suboptimal, even for a Monday.

I don’t really subscribe to superstitious folklore about Monday as a day to be dreaded, not as a rule. I don’t really look forward to Mondays because they’re a fast day and one I spend mainly at dog class, so they are a test of endurance. But generally I start the week no less cheerfully than on any other day.

The lack of carbohydrate boost at breakfast is not a good start but I soon busy myself cleaning lavatories and tidying up for our cleaning lady before seeing to urgent correspondence then going shopping.

Today I tried to clear up some of the displaced clothes and other objects and three more of the boxes that have been aestivating in storage. I  now have bakeware everywhere in the utility room awaiting a room of its own, the tall cupboard, to be secured before it retakes possession.

Then off to dog class, which is marginally amusing with Oscar and not so much with Raffles. I have concluded that I attend these classes more or less purely for socialisation purposes: both mine and that of the dogs.

Oscar participates and manages quite complex sequences of commands at times but his demands for a treat after successful or otherwise completion of a task rather takes the shine off things.

Raffles finds it difficult to sit still. He likes the recall exercise but when retrieving or hunting, tends to run wildly around the room howling and showing off. It’s quite wearing.

Today’s worry was a little compounded by:

  1. The FIL being in A&E this morning after his legs game way when he woke up this morning;
  2. The dog class hall yet again giving me an allergic reaction;
  3. My grazing the car, which will necessitate repairs. I’m sighing and rolling my eyes at myself but not going to take the car to Mercedes where they would probably charge me a much as the mortgage to get it fixed.

Pah. What a day.