I had hoped to bring you a photo of me planting some bulbs for next spring but we Facetimed with the Boiywonder and it was chilly and getting dark by the time we finally filled the first trough with pebbles, then compost then bulb compost then bulb fibre then bulbs. Anyway I expect some hurriedly-taken snaps of bulbs and compost would be nowhere near as appealing as the flowers I hope they will bring forth next spring.

I have planted alliums, because I like them; tulips because they’re cheery and great to cut and bring inside, their green stems carrying on living and growing, headless-chicken-like for a good couple of weeks until they curl around the vase and become too unruly.

I have planted some Iris too, in tribute to the late Aunty Beryl, who loved them and collected a room full of pictures and embroideries and irish-adorned china.

I’m planting at least two troughs and I hope eventually to lift the bulbs and plant them in the nascent (I hope) garden that will be our next urgent project.

We are planning to have artificial turf laid. We have no time to garden properly other than tinkering and this would seem to be a good alternative to constant mopping and clearing of mud brought inside by eight paws from October to at least April. Mud season. This year, with the rain, it’s started early.

Is this a resurgence of my previous interest in gardens and gardening? Well, that’s probably too much pressure but let’s take it a step at a time. I’m certainly planning a herb garden.

We’re going to have the pond moved to the back of the garden where it can provide a habitat for our amphibians and dragonflies to potter around in peace. I’d like a woodpile for hedgehogs and stag beetles too. And lots of flowers to encourage the bees.

We are full of ideas and looking forward to seeing the finished green room.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of roast rib of beef, our first proper supper since Thursday night!