I couldn’t say I’m a regular opera goer – if only – but I do love it when I go. Tonight’s treat was the The Marriage of Figaro at Covent Garden. My expectations were high but exceeded on all scores.

It really is a treat and we try to book the best seats we can. We were in the orchestra stalls tonight, third row back. Why, though, are we, without fail, seated behind the tallest people in London, possibly in the world? It’s part of being a shorthouse, sure, but I feel that tall people should be seated at the back. They’d lose nothing: the view would still be fabulous, and we vertically-challenged people would at least be able to see the action without having to jiggle around all over the place.

The people in front of us tonight, as well as being tall, were clearly not music lovers and seemed to have scowled through the whole almost 4 hours of it. I could tell that from the backs of their substantial heads, yes. As the crowd went wild well, wild for London, at the end, they could muster only polite applause. I can’t help thinking that their ticket price might have been better spent down the road at the Savoy Grill.

Standout performances, in my opinion were Figaro and Susanna. Figaro in particular, sung by Erwin Schrott, looked like the singer had melded with the role. He had such charisma and his acting, as well as that of the rest of the cast was subtle and fabulous, full of knowing charisma and comedy. This is always easier to see from the front, granted.It was disconcerting how much he reminded me of Jose Mourinho.

It was a fantastic ensemble performance and a fabulous night out. It was Mozart at his silliest and best. I felt that the Boywonder, had been there, would have taken a stern and dim view of the silliness, though. I laughed, I cried. But you’d expect that from me, no?