Tonight’s news in brief:

  • I’m still sneezing my damn head off. I can still sing, though.
  • Went to run through my recital pieces today. My accompanist for this doesn’t have a very forthcoming personality and her manner is a little off-putting when, like me, you need reassurance as a singer. I don’t know why I put myself through these ordeals. I think I did OK but had to unbutton my jeans. Tight jeans and clear, sustained phrasing don’t mix.
  • Discovered that the Miele cookbook for the warming drawer is possibly a little optimistic about required cooking times.
  • Started the Brahms German Requiem at choir, which is beautiful. I must say that, as a choir, we are going from strength to strength. Every term our sound is better, and we’re better at sight singing the music and picking it up almost immediately. It must be very gratifying for our Music Director. It certainly is for me.
  • Painters didn’t turn up again today, despite assuring me they would. I don’t know why this last last week or so’s work seems to be taking more than a month but I have now reached the stage where I just want everyone out of my house. I was hoping it wouldn’t end this way, our project, but, oh look, it has.
  • Walked the doggies at the park today. It was one of those warm early autumn days where you feel obliged to make the most of what could be the last day of sunshine until April. But who knows what state the park will be in next April.
  • Lewisham Council are, you see, planning to bulldoze the local public golf course, that occupies much of the park and probably turn it into housing or a multiplex or something. They say it’s because it’s not used by golfers, but it is. There are joggers and people out for a constitutional and it’s our normal dog walk.
  • It’s a vital green lung in a very built-up area. I know this is NIMBYism but Lewisham council will have to uproot and destroy hundreds of ancient trees to build their much smaller tree theme park. There seem to be plenty of brownfield places around the borough, to destroy this local amenity seems like vandalism and spite.

And that was the news.