As is usual on Monday evenings, I find myself completely wiped out despite having attended only one dog class today instead of the usual two, one for each dog. Something about the mixture of boredom and concentration frazzles my brain, I think. It exhausts the dogs too.

So I find myself posting a picture as a lazy way of doing the daily post and tonight is no exception. (I can’t have an original thought every day, you know!) Here is the supper I cooked for the others, as I was fasting tonight. It’s Spanish chicken with chorizo from Nigella’s Kitchen book. Looks lovely and almost irresistible despite the slightly burned chorizo.

I wonder why I feel so rough. I think it’s the paint dust in the now Pebble Shore hall but the village hall where dog class takes place is another culprit, I’m sure. Perhaps there is an accumulation of dust or perhaps it’s something they use to clean the hall but I find I regularly react against it.  Despite taking anti-allergy tablets in good time, I often find myself sniffling and sneezing as happened today. I suppose it can’t have helped that, picking up a prescription, I was offered a flu jab on the spot by the pharmacist. Maybe that’s what’s wiped me out this evening, though it isn’t a live vaccine. Or perhaps it’s a combination of fasting and Monday.

Whatever it is, I need to go to sleep now. Good night.