Unpacking and its first cousin Sorting-Out have never been fun types. If they were people, they’d be the dull sorts you bump into at a obligatory family gathering, with whom you’d make small talk whilst thinking how on earth you’re going to make your excuses to mingle with someone much more stimulating.

These bin bags full of packaging stuff are currently in my hall. Today I took another five of them, stuffed full, to the rubbish tip. I inadvertently left my phone indoors and went back to get it as I was walking the dogs and it’s never good to be stuck without your phone in a dog emergency. Had I not stopped the car the other side of our bumpy bridge and gone back to get my phone, it would not have fallen out of my bum bag (I am sniggering at the American translation fanny pack) at the rubbish tip and the screen would not have smashed.

So many disasters have befallen me and the people around me lately that I’m beginning to think that there’s a problem with my aura or my ley lines or something. There was the oven debacle; the scratched hob; the flooded kitchen. Then one of the Romanian labourers tipped a kettle of boiling water down his leg at home. Apparently one of the kitchen people found his girlfriend’s mother dead at the bottom of her stairs at the weekend and this morning his boss’s girlfriend picked up her curling iron by the hot end and had to spend the morning at A&E.

I have been so preoccupied with trying to restore some order to my new kitchen and pantry that I shall not be able to see to anything else for several days and I’m in India next week so the singing practice has gone out of the window and it will be a while before my phone is mended. Luckily it’s got one of those screen films on it so it’s not moulting shards of glass just yet. Perhaps I shan’t get the screen replaced just yet: it’s going to be upgraded in 6 months’ time anyway.

Despite that, and Raffles having an escapologist phase where he’s taking every opportunity that arises to go and play in the traffic down the road, I managed it cook my first risotto for six months tonight and it was delicious. So there are compensations.