I have recently learned that, without glasses, my eyesight once again does not meet the minimum requirement for driving. I had suspected this for a while: I go to a lot of concerts, as you know, and these days I have to don glasses to make out who is who. Otherwise I risk grinning at someone with whom my daughter is not that friendly. (Actually this shouldn’t be that difficult: clarinets don’t like flutes. They get along with saxes and oboes, but only just. And brass might as well be from Mars. You get my drift)

I am lucky to be entitled to a free annual eye test because my dad had glaucoma. So far I have inherited no trace of this painful disorder but I make sure I have the eye test, just in case.

This time, however, my marginal prescription, 15 years after Lasik changed my life, became a little more serious so instead of being mealy-mouthed and apologetic about my glasses I decided to go for a bold look:


Frames from Dolce and Gabbana. Lenses from Boots

Granted, there’s more than a trace of Amy Farrar Fowler from the Big Bang Theory to this look but it’s strong and bold and I like it.

Reasons to be happy to wear glasses:

  1. I can actually see stuff. Which comes in handy when driving; being at concerts: watching TV
  2. Being shortsighted means, thankfully, I can still see to put my make-up in the right place. I pity those poor folk who are longsighted and can’t.
  3. Being shortsighted with a very longsighted OH means that I can see up close to put on my make up but he has no idea how I look.
  4. Wearing glasses makes me look serious and intelligent and means that men are more likely to at least pretend they are looking at my face.
  5. My glasses cover up the bags and shadows under my eyes. Especially the sunnies. Useful.
  6.  Wearing glasses highlights my cheekbones. Always useful when other things are rapidly going south.
  7. I feel able to wear prescription sunglasses indoors without looking like a divot. And when you are wearing sunglasses, you can watch people without them knowing.

Polaroid frames; Boots lenses