MsDD has spent a week at one of our largest corporations in Canary Wharf learning about life in an office and PR and branding and press relations courtesy of a very kind friend of her Mamma who immediately proffered this fantastic opportunity

She’s learnt about office life and filing and taking a lunch break and commuting and struggling to work through tube strikes and writing press releases and how important it is to keep to the required corporate identity and how corporations pursue people who rip off their trademarks.

We spent the latter part of yesterday afternoon  mooching around Canada Square and Canary Wharf. MsDD’s Mamma can remember when all of this area was undeveloped and grey and forgotten, with post-war prefabs dotted here and there. How it’s all changed since then!

I found myself explaining about Yuppies and the 1980s and the fact that a short walk away from all this cash and conspicuous consumption: the suits; the clothes; the coffee bars, lie some of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. It’s a world away.