It’s been an odd day. It seems really unworthy to complain when others, such as the marvellous Janet from yesterday, have far worse with which to contend, but I am heartily sick of being constantly ill.

I often have a horrible August: a couple of years ago I hardly slept all month because  was snorting and sniffing and sneezing and wheezing. It’s become better since I had the Golden Rod in the garden removed, but now there are no flowers, no grass in the garden, only builders and I find I am waking every morning with a blocked nose and a burning sore throat, which barely eases by supper time.

It often feels a bit better when I go out but starts up again within minutes of entering the house. I expect it’s dust lingering in the air but it’s really, really pulling me down. I feel quite exhausted by it now. I was quite alarmed by today’s complete lethargy, actually. I’m not normally like that at all. I managed to do a bit of admin but normally I’d never have time to lie around feeling sorry for myself.

I’m sure my biorhythms and chakras and whatnot are out of synch or dented or something but today has been a meh leggings and long t shirt, virtually no make-up, yuck day. It happens from time to time. I’ll bounce.


I had to go into the bank in Bromley to correct errors on the application form for an Indian bank account, through which the staff had steered me over the phone and face to face last week. Apparently my signature on the dozens of pages only 85% matched the signature on my passport so I had to write a declaration that my signature on the forms is my current signature. And sign it.

Then I had to sign at the base of the remainder of the 34 pages that I had not signed last week because either a) they were the Bank’s terms and conditions and therefore nothing emanated from me b) the pages were irrelevant and concerned with non-existent 2nd and 3rd account holders or c) in two cases the pages stated that “This Page Has Been Intentionally Left Blank.” I could not leave them blank, of course, and was obliged to sign them. I even had to sign pages where I’d already signed twice on the page and two pages where I had written and signed a statement that the statements on the page did not apply.

India, eh? How on earth does anyone ever get anything done? It will be a relief when I no longer have anything to do with that idiotic bureaucracy.


I am supposed to be meeting my recital accompanist tomorrow to go through the Purcell and Madeline Dring songs I want to sing at Bromley Musicmakers in October. I have practised ONCE in 3 weeks. I  put in a lot of work earlier in the year but I am so full of trepidation for tomorrow. I’m hoping I’ll be able to  jump-start myself into action.


Very little has happened on the kitchen front today. When I opened the door to dear Graeme, the kitchen man, this morning, I have no idea how he kept an even face at the deeply unglamorous sight of me in my bathrobe. They were all set to start installing the kitchen this morning but the fitter’s van had developed a puncture. I hope he’s had it mended by tomorrow.

Anyway. I’m going to take the chance for an early night.

Sleep well folks